Nutrtion on the Go

P.E.A.R Programs cares about you and your body so lets get blending and fill up with energy. Here is a fun and tasty idea that can be used as a snack or a quick breakfast fix for you and your kid. It’s simple to make, delicious and nutritious.

Banana Oat Smoothie
1 cup milk
1 cup of uncooked oatmeal
1 whole banana
Sprinkle some Cinnamon or honey for additional flavoring.

Health Benefits
The combination of these three ingredients contain a whole lot of vitamins and minerals to keep you fit, healthy and strong. A glassful of milk with oatmeal and a banana contains vitamin A & B for good eyesight, carbohydrates for vitality and energy, potassium for proper brain function, magnesium for muscular function, phosphorous for energy release, protein for body repair and growth.

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Planet Kids Unparalleled to 5-Star Hotel Children’s Programs

Planet Kids is changing the way guests view resort children’s programs. The Enviro-Adventures Curriculum utilizes four interactive themes; Wonders of the Ocean, Beach Brigade, Eco-Friendly Fun and Super People Powers to inspire and engage Trump International’s youngest guests. A recent guest commented; “Hotel staff were consistently professional and extremely customer service oriented (in a very sincere and genuine way). You have done an excellent job of creating a jovial and happy Corporate Culture. Staff seem genuinely happy, which has a direct impact on the Customer, which drives sustainable, long-term loyalty and referrals. Planet Kids (and staff Cody) were unparalleled and FANTASTIC! Our kids had the best time they ever had at any 5-Star Hotel. We have already recommended the hotel and fabulous kids program to friends. Thank you for a very enjoyable and pleasurable experience for our Entire Family!” Visit Planet Kids for an Enviro-Adventure you will never forget!

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Strong Values Today Ensure a Successful Tomorrow

PEAR Programs strongly believes in developing the “whole child.” This includes teaching moral character or values. PEAR Core Values is a component of our program, which uses children’s literature, games, art activities and more to teach children the importance of good moral character or values. As parents it can be disheartening to see the moral decline in today’s society, so building a strong moral foundation and teaching values to children is more important than ever. It is vital for parents to teach core values early and model these values in their daily lives. This can be challenging, because there are so many distractions (TV, Video Games, Peer Pressure, etc.) competing for the hearts and minds of our children. Here are few tips to help you instill strong values today to ensure your child a successful tomorrow:

Tip #1: Identify the values you stand for
The first step is to define what your ideals are in a variety of life areas. If you find it helpful, brainstorm on a piece of paper what values you expect from your children and which ones contribute to a healthy and productive life.

Tip #2: Model Values Daily
Nothing is more important than modeling your morals to your children. There is nothing worse than a parent who exhibits hypocrisy, so make sure that whatever you expect from your child you in turn expect from yourself.

Tip #3: Create a Healthy Parent to Child Relationship
It is important to spend quantity and quality time with your child to build a relationship of mutual respect and trust.

Tip #4: Clearly Define Your Values
Make sure your children clearly understand what standard of values you expect from them and the consequences that will follow by not living up to them.

Tip #5: Provide Positive Reinforcement
Provide children with plenty of positive reinforcement when they demonstrate good values and make respectable decisions. This will allow them to experience how good it feels when they behave morally and responsibly.

Tip #6: Surround Your Family with Positive Role Models
Surround your family and children with people who exhibit the values you believe in. You may find yourself needing to monitor the TV/radio, joining a church or synagogue, bringing healthy people into your family circle or limiting time spent with those who may undermine your values.

“Stand for something or you will fall for anything. Today’s mighty oak is yesterday’s nut that held its ground.” – Rosa Parks

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Children’s Fitness Develops Brains & Brawn

The latest statistics bring some discouraging news about our kids’ brains and brawn. Results from international testing show United States children perform moderately at best when it comes to academics, but rank among the highest when it comes to levels of obesity compared to other countries. Current research is consistently finding exercise to have a positive effect on our children’s health and academics. Yet, they seem to be getting less of it, especially while in school.
One of the solutions proposed for raising test scores, the federal No Child Left Behind program, encourages schools to focus on core academic subjects, but at the expense of art, music, and physical education. Yet a Virginia Tech study showed no relationship between reduced class time in those subjects and higher overall standardized tests.
As parents, we want our children to achieve academic success, stay healthy and ensure quality of life as they grow. It is important to take control of your child’s health and encourage exercise on a daily basis. This can be a challenging task with all the time children spend tinkering with technology, but you can help your child discover the benefits and joys of being physically active.
1. Beyond the Playing Field: Organized sports are an excellent way for children to get exercise, however not all children are drawn to them. Activities such as dancing, hiking, bike riding and martial arts are great alternatives. It is important to offer a variety of activities and be patient as your child finds the right fit.
2. Got Game?: Bring out the child in you and join the fun. Children love spending time with their parents and what better time than play time. Take a family hiking trip, go on a bike ride or play a game of tag.
3. Limit Tech Time: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids get no more than one to two hours of screen time a day, whether that’s watching TV, surfing the Internet, or playing video games. Encourage active alternatives such as shooting basketball or going to the park.
4. Lead By Example: Your children look up to you. If they see you making exercise a part of your life, they will choose to make it a part of theirs. Be mindful and walk instead of driving, take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further when shopping to get some extra steps in.
5. Positive Reinforcement: Acknowledge your child’s effort when choosing to be active or trying to improve a skill and be supportive.
6. Keep the Fun in Fitness: Children enjoy playing, regardless of their age, so be creative and keep it Fun!

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Academics + Exercise = Physically Active Learning

Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting will include research that confirms exercise is good for the body and the mind. The study took First through Sixth Graders from an academically low scoring elementary school.  Children participated in the program 40 minutes per day, 5 days per week and used an Action Based Learning (ABL) Lab for younger students and All Minds Exercise (AMX) room for older students. The program utilized developmentally appropriate movement exercises in alliance with academic skills in a defined subject area, also known as “Physically Active Learning.”  For example, in Language Arts a student may crabwalk across the classroom pick up a word and move back to their team to classify the word as a noun, adjective, or verb.  Educators utilizing this form of learning are finding that students stay engaged, concentrate better and perform better on tests.  The correlation between exercise and academics makes sense, because when we exercise the heart beats faster, pumping oxygen to the brain and improving the ability to think. Educators are also seeing an improvement in attendance and student behavior which is an added bonus.  While we see a steady increase in substantial evidence that Physically Active Learning may help improve behavior, academic skills and attitudes of our students, Physical Education continues to be cut from our schools. Perhaps it is time to acknowledge that physical activity and academics are both crucial to the development and learning of our students and need not be mutually exclusive.

For more information on how to bring Physically Active Learning to your school, after school program or camp contact us at

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Kids Club @ Sole’ Offers a Unique Resort Camp in Sunny Isles Beach

A unique resort summer camp will be offered at Sole’ on the Ocean in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. The program inspires children to explore the world around them with opportunities to learn to paddle board and kayak, develop teambuilding skills on the beach, explore their creativity with art adventures, participate in recreational and instructional swimming and so much more! Reserve your spot today for summer memories that will last a lifetime.

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PEAR Programs Creates Memorable Experiences for Resort Guests

Planet Kids (operated by PEAR Programs) at Trump International Beach Resort is a unique program that offers memorable experiences for young guests and their families.  The launch of the new Enviro-Adventures Curriculum gives children the opportunity to connect with the world around them. The curriculum includes a variety of meaningful, unique activities in the areas of Simplified Science, Sports of Sorts, Fitness Fun, Teambuilding, Art Adventures and Performance Play. Activities children participate in will allow them to explore one of the daily themes; Super People Powers, Eco-Friendly Fun, Wonders of the Ocean and Beach Brigade. Guests are delighted with the memorable and meaningful experience Planet Kids offers children and the relaxation it provides adults.

Guest Testimonial:

My family and I stayed with you during the week of April 18-22.  My 8 year old son Matthew and my 5 year old daughter Kate spent the entire week at Planet Kids.  We were so happy to have been approached by your counselor Cedric on the beach.  From the first day, the kids were thrilled to go and play with your staff.  Shelly, Alexis, Cody, Christine, Jane and Brian were friendly, fun and kind with both my children and with me and my husband.  In particular, Cedric went beyond the call of duty and was especially accommodating.  My kids made some nice friends for the week and my husband and I were able to get some “R & R.”
Thank you to the staff of Planet Kids!  You made our vacation a fun and memorable one.
Kathy and Mike Schmitz
Port Washington, NY

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Camp E.L.I.T.E Focuses on the “Whole Athlete” Improving Physical and Mental Performance

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, February 18, 2011 – Camp E.L.I.T.E prepares athletes to be exceptional on and off the field. The program focuses on the “whole athlete” and includes unique techniques to enhance performance, prevent injury, manage emotional challenges and develop the leader within.

This brings up the common question, “Are elite athlete’s born or built?” Genetics certainly plays a role in athletic success, however many factors that contribute to success are within the athlete’s control.  The key is to recognize all components that contribute to athletic performance and learn to utilize them to the fullest.  Athletic training programs are known for focusing on the physical abilities of athletes and training to improve physical performance. Camp E.L.I.T.E takes athletic training to the next level by developing physical and mental traits, as well as enhancing leadership skills. Development of these mental traits will separate the athlete that plays and the athlete that plays to win.

Self-discipline, courage to succeed, leadership, integrity and perseverance are just a few character values Camp E.L.I.T.E. inspires.   Developing these values will make young athletes powerful on the field and individuals of solid character off the field.  Whether your challenge is to become a college athlete, make it to the pros, or the desire to be the best athlete you can be Camp E.L.I.T.E. will show you the way. Are you ready to take your game from good to ELITE?  Make the commitment and “Run with Purpose in Every Step.”

# # #

If you would like more information about Camp E.L.I.T.E please contact Shelley Erasmus at 954.261.6154,

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PEAR Offers a Variety of Programs to Enhance Youth Development in All Areas of Development, by Means of Play with Purpose.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, November 29, 2010 – PEAR Programs provides “Professional, Educational, Athletic and Recreation” programs to a variety of communities, both municipal and private.  Over 15 years of experience, gives PEAR an undeniable skill set in children’s activities, program design and professional staffing; which ensures each program developed will be educational, innovative, dynamic and service oriented.

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, overweight and obesity in children is a significant public health problem, with the prevalence of obesity among children aged 6 to 11 years increasing from 6.5% in 1980 to 19.6% in 2008. It is important to educate children about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and leadership skills in a language they can easily understand, “Play.”  Developing knowledge and leadership skills in children at a young age can increase their self-confidence and guide them on the pathway to a successful future.  The goal of PEAR Programs is to connect the importance of a healthy lifestyle (Fitness Fun), moral values (PEAR Core Values), leadership skills (E.L.I.T.E  Teambuilding), athletic skills (Sports of Sorts), art (Art Adventures) and music appreciation (Move n’ Groove) with fun, which is referred to as “Pairing Play with Purpose.”  All programs focus on the “whole” person with activities devoted to the physical, emotional, mental and social development of participants. Innovative activities encourage children to explore the world around them and challenge them to be the best “me” they can be.

PEAR Programs was founded to ensure youth today are getting the resources they need to become healthy, powerful leaders tomorrow.  They are committed to enriching the communities served by empowering participants to self-discovery, be an integral part of a team, and build leadership skills to live by.

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