Camp & After School Programs

Camps and After School Programs are unique to each community served. Our camps and after school programs combine play and purpose through a unique wellness based curriculum that focuses on the whole child and includes activities in 6 crucial components:

  • Fitness Fun: Children will learn the importance of good nutrition and explore five health related fitness components; Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular Endurance, Flexibility and Body Composition. Activities and games will be memorable and fun, so being healthy becomes a lifestyle of choice.
  • Team Training: Children will play games that challenge them to be leaders, utilize and enhance communication skills and validate how to be an integral part of a team's success. Teambuilding activities will help children develop self-awareness, as well as awareness for the people and world around them.
  • Sports of Sorts:Athletic skills are taught in a non-threatening atmosphere, so whether an athlete is a beginner or advanced, skills will be introduced and improved and everyone wins!
  • Performance Play:We explore creativity through dance, improvisation, and games that challenge children to think outside of the box.
  • Art Adventures:Children will discover the world of art through a variety of mediums and techniques, which will allow their imagination to create limitless possibilities.
  • PEAR Core Values:Children will learn the importance of "good character" through literature, games and activities. They will be challenged to be the best "Me" they can be and never settle for less.

The diverse activities support physical, social, emotional and mental development without compromising entertainment. After School Programs also include PEAR Plus, where children will work on homework and get extra help in areas of academic necessity. Our goal is to provide superior service to children and parents in a safe, fun environment.


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